Voices of Addiction

DRCF Stop Drug Addiction

What you will see below is a series of videos the DeannaRoseClarke foundation has created to help give a voice to those afflicted with addiction. Some of these videos have more adult themes and require you to approve playing the video. This creation is being called “Voices of Addiction“. Until someone has walked in the shoes of someone with the disease of addiction even for just a few moments, it is difficult to relate to that friend, family member, loved one, or person you might ignore on the street. Some of our Voices of Addiction Learning videos are mixed in here as well to help open communications to help your loved one in recovery.

About the videos:

Voices of Addiction is a means to give a voice to those suffering from Addiction. The words you will see and hear are those of someone suffering from their addiction with minor edits to convert to a video & speech for clarity. They type of addiction can be of just about any type, the disease is real and not isolated to an illicit drug although many are victims of this epidemic. These are publicly posted messages which are calls for help, rants, or shear exhaustion with their disease. Some of these stories are of those from the loved ones of those suffering so you can see the other side of addiction.

The Deanna Rose Clarke Foundation is bringing these calls to the public to share the pain and suffering of the afflicted. One theme that will be clear in these messages, the person suffering from the addiction does not want to be an addict, they just can’t figure out how to be rid of the disease. We want the general public to understand this is not a voluntary situation, but much like the terminal disease of cancer, people suffering from addiction can succumb to the same fate, but this isn’t their desire.

Please share this page with people who have someone in their live suffering from addiction. The goal is to give a better perspective as well as some tools to the family members about their loved ones disease. This page can be shared with those suffering from addiction as well, it helps them hear a similar voice to what is going on in their mind. This might help give the sufferer a feeling that they are not alone in this fight and these thoughts are normal in recovery and/or addiction.