Nashua And Manchester See Increases In Drug Overdoses In 2021

Jeffrey Hastings

NASHUA, NH — Nashua, and Manchester continue to see opioid overdoses and deaths trend upwards — including the highest levels that hvae occurred since 2018.

Christopher Stawasz, Northeast Director of Government affairs for AMR Ambulance, said is a challenge for first responders who are seeing the cause mostly related to the amount of fentanyl that is being mixed with other drugs. Previously, fentanyl was frequently seen mixed with heroin. But now, first responders and police are seeing it mixed with cocaine and marijuana, as well as other drugs that have been laced with fentanyl.

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DRCF Comment: This article is critical in the fight against our children & loved ones being murdered by drug dealers. They are detecting fentanyl in DOC not associated with that drug. This is what is increasing addiction (not to the DOC, but to fentanyl) to keep constant business. These dealers are poisoning our loved ones with fentanyl.